Vincentian Spirituality

St Vincent doesn’t offer us a spirituality, a teaching on prayer or the spiritual life. He offers us a Spiritual Way. He shows us how we can meet our God in everyday experiences. His Way is the way of the Church, a way of experience, of faith, of practical wisdom… all embraced in a spirit of love.

A Way of Charity: Vincent experienced true Charity – the love that led God to send his Son among us - ’to bring Good News to the poor.’

A Way of Mission: Vincent responded to God’s love and call and saw himself and his followers as sent ‘to bring Good News to the poor.’

A Way of Prayer in Action: Vincent encouraged his followers to be contemplatives in action. For him, prayer was a way of developing and deepening a personal relationship with God, with Jesus Christ. Vincent had a deep faith and trust in God’s providential care for him and for all people, especially the poor.

A Way of Practical Love: Through this deepening relationship, Vincent showed his followers the way of practical love, 
demonstrated through loving service.