The Boldness of Charity

The Boldness of Charity for a new Missionary Momentum

This theme chosen for the Assemblies 2014-2015 will guide our work so as to renew spiritual and missionary zeal in each one of us according to the Charism of our Founders. 

Each word of the theme has a broad evocative power that can inspire us:

Boldness brings to mind courage, strength, risk, imagination…

Charity is the heart of the Vincentian Charism.  It is love, free gift, mercy, compassion…

New suggests creativity, conversion, change…

Missionary Momentum evokes the Pentecost experience, zeal, availability, the universal dimension…

The Logo

In the logo, we find the theme “The Boldness of Charity for a New Missionary Momentum” and some symbols that illustrate it. 

The world whose silhouette is barely sketched out: this is the place where the Company participates in the mission of the Church according to its Charism. The horizon of the Boldness of Charity is open and knows no borders. 

Christ crucified: His Charity urges us. 

The flame: it expresses the love that “animates the heart of the Daughter of Charity and sets it on fire.” (cf. Constitutions, page 15)

The path: our availability to set off with a new missionary momentum everywhere in the world.

Click here for a slide show - The Boldness of Charity for a New Missionary Momentum